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Space vs. Place

C-Type prints mounted on aluminum, 30″x20″, 2008-2009.

Space vs. Place bridges the use of physical space as metaphor with the construction/deconstruction process of identity building. By use of a series of formal techniques these images illustrate the reprocessing of memory and the complexity of location and identity. In the same way that autobiographical memory is compiled, constructed, and composed, so are these images. The drawings have a tenuous feel, objects from the past carried forward into the present and photographed. The rooms have shape and body but no detail; the guts of it long forgotten. They mirror the process of how memory is formed, therefore mirroring the process by which we construct beliefs about ourselves and our pasts. There is a bridging between the location of experience and the transience of memory itself, initiating a complicated discussion about the very nature of memory and the multiplicity of its processes.

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