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Still Wearing You

Oil paint on fabric, 20″x27″, 2007.

Still Wearing You highlights the idea of memory in relation to permanence and its effects on the individual. The paint is applied thickly, sporadically, and acts as a residual mark. The choice to use a t-shirt as the canvas serves to literally represent the paint marks as something ‘worn’ by an individual. An affect, it is a mark applied, over top; additional. The paint composes a palette recognizable as a pale flesh tone. The marks therefore represent another person or, more conceptually, represent the fabrication of another person by an artist. In this case, the representation of someone else – a portrait – is constructed as colours on an article of clothing. The work is about that mark, the marks that remain, the mark of another person that we ourselves have applied to our own identities. Still Wearing You aims to illuminate the ways that exterior sources effect the individual and the process by which we assimilate that experience into our own identity.

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